​​Drinking Water Systems 

Iron causes wear on appliances, dingy looking clothes, and poor tasting water. We will provide an individualized solution for your specific needs.

Water Softeners in Winnipeg. Service to all makes and models.

​Get rid of hard water stains 

Having soft water can reduce your usage of soaps and cleaners, not to mention a lot less scrubbing and cleaning? Come in and bring us a sample, we will provide a comprehensive solution!​

Replacement Water Filters and Filter refills 

We supply and service filters for a variety of products. Our friendly service people are professionals, and are happy to answer your questions. 

​Save Money! Refurbish your water softener.

We will remove the valve from your current system and bring it to our shop for a complete overhaul. Learn More!

​​Stinky, smelly water? 

Two common sources of bad taste are sulfur and chlorine. We have the Iron Breaker III to help solve this problem.

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